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At Passive Capital Management (PCM), we hold ourselves to the highest fiduciary standard of client care. As an RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), we have a fiduciary duty to our clients. We are obligated to provide advice that is in their best interest. We are not paid to promote specific products or managers and do not use vehicles that charge sales loads or marketing fees to investors. We work for you.

We focus our time and energy on providing a tailored client experience defined by our investment management process. Our approach is rooted in transparency, accountability, discipline, and great communication – the elements we think matter most. Our Investment Advisors serve clients nationally from offices in Baltimore, MD, Syracuse, NY and Philadelphia, PA(coming soon!). Please read more about our team and investment philosophy.

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Why PCM?

Our success is grounded in our clients’ success. Each client’s investment strategy is guided by an ongoing understanding of their unique values, goals, and objectives. We first listen to our clients’ needs and goals before developing portfolios.

We are a fee-only advisor. We do not accept commissions or other types of compensation from investment product companies, nor do we invest in products with sales loads or 12b-1 fees. This ensures our interests are aligned with those of our clients. Our fees are “all-in”, meaning that investment advising is only one part of our offering, we also provide financial planning, tax and estate planning coordination, and financial education for clients and their families.

White Glove Service

At PCM we pride ourselves on our service. We always strive to be as responsive and efficient as possible by working as a team with every client. This approach allows us to be proactive in managing client requests and an advocate for our client base through more difficult, complex account servicing projects.

A Holistic Approach

We guide our clients through every step of their unique financial journey. By providing education, managing expectations, and fostering long-term relationships built on trust.

Experience That Matters

Experience tells us to control what we can and stay disciplined to help mitigate risk and give our clients the best chances to enjoy a successful investment experience.

Our Services

Passive Capital Management provides clients with confidence, knowledge, and support.

Investment Management

PCM helps each client develop a clear investment plan that uses globally diversified asset allocation and disciplined rebalancing to deliver the returns of the capital markets in their entirety. We are dedicated to creating personalized long-term investment strategies that resonate with our clients’ distinct objectives, risk tolerances, and time horizon.

Financial Planning

Our financial planning services are tailored to suit your unique needs and goals. Receive comprehensive guidance to help you navigate your financial journey with clarity.

Tax and Estate

We will act as a partner with our clients as an objective voice in their ongoing tax and estate planning by coordinating efforts with their CPAs and Estate Attorneys. Working with other professionals to make our clients’ lives easier is as important to us as it is to you.


We ensure that clients are educated on our investment process. Our guiding principles are simple: control what can be controlled, do not attempt to time the market, and pay for the things that add value. The PCM team regularly meets with children and relatives of current clients to educate them on both general investing and financial planning topics. We feel this gives the “next generation” a good base of knowledge to start their investing journey when they’re ready.

Investment Principles to Build & Preserve Wealth

How to Get Wall Street’s
Hands Off Your Wallet

Our founders, Scott Reinhardt and Jonathan Farber, accumulated over three (3) decades of experience on Wall Street at reputable firms, including Alex Brown and Sons, Deutsche Bank, and Wachovia Securities. During this time, they gained valuable first-hand experience by observing the inner workings of the financial industry and honing their understanding of effective investment strategies.

Through this erudition, they embraced a transparent philosophy: PCM emphasizes simplicity over complexity. Scott and Jonathan believe that lasting success is rooted in real-world insights and using history as our guide, rather than chasing fleeting trends. PCM aspires to capture the returns of the global capital markets with as little Wall Street frictional costs as possible, deliver exceptional service, and form long-term, lasting relationships as a trusted partner to our clients.

Disclaimer – Our founders left Wall Street to establish an Investment Management Firm focused on ethics and serving clients’ best interests, which is a clear contrast to the ‘values’ depicted in the Wolf of Wall Street.

We are Fiduciaries

“At PCM, we are bound by a fiduciary responsibility to all our clients. This is the heart of our mission and a defining hallmark of our firm. Putting our clients first isn’t a choice or option, it’s our standard.”

Meet Our Team

PCM is a growing advisory firm with headquarters in Baltimore, MD and Syracuse, NY. We function as a team when working
with clients and providing advice. This enhances the quality and speed of our customer service.

Recent Newsletters

PCM publishes insightful blogs addressing relevant topics that our clients may find valuable and informative.

Fiduciary Financial Advisor

We put our clients first, every time.

Passive Philosophy

Disciplined strategies and diversified portfolios designed to both protect and grow your wealth.

Family Wealth Advisors

Who understand the unique dynamics of preserving and growing your wealth.

Institutional Partners

We work with institutions and organizations to help them fulfill their missions.

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